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Tue, Apr 25, 2017 -- Puzzle Night at 6:00 PM

Try your skill at different kinds of puzzles! There will be jigsaw puzzles available, rubrics, mazes and many challenging, brain straining, mind bending scramble squares to sharpen your mind.

See if you can solve one or all of our many puzzles.

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Wed, Apr 26, 2017 -- Movie Night at 6:00 PM

A sparrow and his avian pals band together to rescue a mistreated canary.

Fly with the birds and munch on popcorn and snacks while we are entertained by this fun movie.

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Thu, Apr 27, 2017 -- Afternoon Book Discussion at 4:00 PM

The Afternoon Book Discussion Group of the Dighton Public Library is discussing The Last Girls by Lee Smith.

The Last GirlsFrom Booklist: /*Starred Review*/ In 1965, inspired by reading Huckleberry Finn for a favorite college teacher, a dozen young women took a raft trip down the Mississippi River to New Orleans. Thirty-four years later, four of these former Mary Scott College coeds duplicate the trip, this time on a riverboat quite luxurious compared to the craft they used before. Their reunion is not merely a way for them to catch up on each other’s lives; they also intend to spread the ashes of one in their group who recently died. There is the ever-repressed Harriet, the flamboyant romance writer Anna, the proper society lady Courtney, and the happily married Catherine, all of them accompanied, of course, by their memories of the irrepressible, irresistible, but manipulative Baby, now deceased. Achieving greater depths of characterization and heights of technique with each succeeding novel, Smith sets out here, as the women themselves set out on their trip, to explore various paths by which women journey from late adolescence to early middle age. With graceful, even brilliant shifts from past to present, Smith builds this absolutely inviting, completely compelling novel around the idea that “whatever you’re like in your youth, you’re only more so with age.” (Reviewed May 15, 2002) -- Brad Hooper

All are invited to join the discussion. This book group usually meets on the last Thursday of each month at 4:00. Copies of the book are available, in advance, at the library.

Location: Dighton Public Library

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Thu, Apr 27, 2017 -- Clutter Control: Downsizing Your Stuff at 6:30 PM

We all have STUFF! Why do we acquire and save more possessions than we need? What happens when our stuff starts to own us? Why can’t we just throw things away?

clutterWith his upbeat and unique approach, Dave Downs explores the many reasons that our drawers, closets and garages get filled with STUFF. Downs offers helpful hints for managing this difficult problem. Dave uses colorful stories throughout the talk to engage as well as inform the audience. You may recognize a part of yourself in these stories.

Participants will leave knowing that if we are thoughtful about what we acquire; what we keep and what we discard, we will start to reverse the tendency to bury ourselves in “treasures!”

Call the Dighton Public Library at 508-669-6421 NOW or hit the REGISTER button below to reserve your seat for this useful program!

Location: Dighton Public Library

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Sat, Apr 29, 2017 -- Library Building Project Information Session at 11:00 AM

Library front elevationInformation sessions will be Saturday, April 29 at 11:00 and Tuesday, May 2 at 7:00. The Architect, Drayton Fair of LLB Architects, and Project Manager Dan Pallotta of P3, will lead the presentation and Question and Answers will follow.

Location: Dighton Public Library

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Sat, Apr 29, 2017 -- Magic the Gathering Session at 11:00 AM

Bring your Magic the Gathering deck to the library and play against other teens. If you don't have your own deck you can borrow one from the library.

There will be a pack of booster cards for the winner.

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Mon, May 1, 2017 -- Tot Time at 10:30 AM

Toddlers are welcome to join Miss Lorie for songs, fingerplays, a short story and some time to play with other children and fun learning toys.

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